Ethiopia to Strengthen Agriculture to Improve Food Security

14 August 2018, Prensa Latina

According to the director of Public Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Alemayehu Berhaunu, these objectives can be achieved with an abundant yield of inputs in the Integrated Industrial Parks, established in four states and responsible for obtaining quality export products in large quantities. Read more.

17 August 2018

How conservation agriculture is helping Ethiopian farmers become more than subsistence farmers

3 August 2018, Addis Standard

In Hawassa Zuria district, Yohannes Gudeta, a 30-year-old maize farmer, has been applying the SIMLESA-promoted CA-based practices for the past 8 years. After a year of experimentation on his farm, Yohannes noted an important difference in the health of his soil, “They intercropped maize and beans without plowing the land, and the residue was retained on the field. The land became more fertile and had better organic matter. Secondly, because of the residue, the soil maintained more moisture,” he explains.
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16 August 2018

Agriculture Sector Monthly Gap Analysis - Agriculture Emergency Seed and Tools Intervention (July 2018)

20 July 2018, Agriculture Cluster - Ethiopia

Please find Agriculture Sector Monthly Gap Analysis - Agriculture Emergency Seed and Tools Intervention (July 2018) here.

15 August 2018

Women’s cooperatives boost agriculture and savings in rural Ethiopia

1 August 2018, UN Women

For Kamso Bame, a widowed mother of 12 and owner of 2.5 acres of land, the tractor has shaved off days of grueling labour. Bame is among more than 2,000 smallholder women farmers involved in a joint UN programme to boost sustainable agricultural production and rural women’s economic empowerment, through training and cooperatives. Read more.

14 August 2018

Ethiopia releases new, perennial sorghum variety

31 July 2016, Science & Development Network

A new sorghum variety has been introduced in Ethiopia, and it could increase yields up to five times than the existing variety.
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1 August 2018

BENEFIT-SBN: Planting Sesame in Row

12 July 2018, BENEFIT SBN

Benefit-SBN, in collaboration with Gondar and Humera Agricultural Research Centers (GARC and HuARC), is row planting sesame and rotation crops in 450 hectares of land. Read more.

16 July 2018

Ethiopia sets to harvest 374 mln. quintals

19 June 2018, The Ethiopian Herald

Ethiopia sets to harvest 374 million quintals by the 2018/19 crop season through utilizing agricultural inputs and new agricultural technologies ,the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock announced. Read more.

22 June 2018

Why some public policies fail to meet targets?

17 June 2018, The Ethiopian Herald

He also questions the agricultural sector where the government spends enormous amount of money to ensure food security. The reason for this failure, Dereje notes, is that the stakeholders are not well awared to move with government as required to fully achieve the goals the policy. Read more.

21 June 2018

How will privatization of mega enterprises benefit Ethiopia?

18 June 2018, The Ethiopian Herald

As per the decision, private investors would be able to buy complete or partial shares of public enterprises aimed at promoting efficiency and productivity, enhancing sustained growth and at the same time ensuring the accountability of management. Read more.

19 June 2018

Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) contributed 3000 agricultural technologies

3 June 2018, The Ethiopian Herald

1280 technologies were farmer centered improved seeds which can increase 10-15 percent of productivity with best quality, disease and drought resilient seeds. Read more.

6 June 2018