Solagrow PLC is a Dutch Holding company that was registered in Ethiopia in 2006 and started operations in Debre Zeit in 2007. Its name is a combination of the Latin word ‘solanum’ [a group of crops that the potato is part of] and ‘grow’. The company acts as a distributor of agricultural inputs to Ethiopian farmers, mainly smallholder farmers. Over 470 employees work on a total of eight farms set up with the objective of producing better seeds and better breeds of dairy cattle. Solagrow offers support to farmers through trained field workers and agronomists.

Farmers are shown the latest production techniques and trained in planting space, optimal amount of seeds per plot and the benefits of row planting. In addition, the company introduced a crop rotation system decreasing the disease pressure of the land. In the future the company plans to get outgrowers involved in the production of the last propagation step of seed potatoes, which is 90% of the work. This farmers’ seed then will be sold directly to ware potato growers. Solagrow will focus on the initial three delicate propagation cycles of basic seed.