Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) was established in 2002 by five companion growers having the mission of contributing to the national economic development and side by side to address their mutual concerns in the horticulture production and marketing strive. At present, members of the association have grown in number and have become diversified.

EHPEA started the ‘empowering the source’ project in 2015, in partnership with the BSR-Her Project, sponsored by the Floriculture Sustainable Initiative and the Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH). It was designed to reach out to all women and men working in EHPEA member farms in Holeta, Sebeta, Ziway, Koka, Debrezeit, Legedadi, Chancho, Wolkite, Woliso and Bahir Dar. In 2016, the first phase of the project covered 11,316 workers on 22 farms, and the second phase in 2017 reached 18,363 workers on 14 farms.