The Partnership and Innovation Programme set up a core group of key partners who identified the three most pressing issues for the Ethiopian seed sector. These are: seed distribution, lack of early generation seeds and poor seed quality in general.

10 Number of key partners forming the core group of the Partnership and Innovation component facilitated by Meseret. Continuous discussions are held either in the form of round tables and workshops or on an individual basis.

Source: ISSD

22 Districts (woredas) are currently using the approach of Direct Seed Marketing (DSM). The innovative approach allows farmers to directly purchase their seeds from local sales centres. For 2015, the plan is to reach out to 100 woredas with the help of the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA).

Source: ISSD

45 Number of different outlet points established in the pilot district (woreda) Bona selling varieties of hybrid maize seeds. A total of 55 sales agents were employed.

Source: ISSD