The relevant state institutions are supposed to take over all the innovations introduced by the evidence-based efforts of the Integrated Seed Sector Development Programme (ISSD).

2009 From 2009-2011, the ISSD programme has supported 34 groups of farmers or so-called seed producer cooperatives in the production and marketing of quality seeds in order to establish them as Local Seed Businesses (LSB).

Source: ISSD

38 Number of primary seed producer cooperatives in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region (SNNPR). In total, roughly 20-30,000 farmers are engaged in seed production in SNNPR.

Source: Bureau of Agriculture

340 In the second phase of ISSD, the programme aims to set up between 170 and 340 Local Seed Businesses (LSB) in collaboration with interested stakeholders.

Source: ISSD