AQ Roses

AQ Roses is a Dutch company that has produced roses in Ethiopia since 2006. The company is located in Ziway, around 160km south of the capital Addis Ababa. With an altitude of 1600-1700 metres above sea level, higher temperatures and lesser rain, the area is known for its cut flower production.

The business is run by the Ammerlaan family who has a hire-purchase agreement with SHER Ethiopia for an area of 38 hectares. A total of 1,200 workers make sure that the 16 rose varieties reach their foremost European clients. The cut flowers are shipped to the Netherlands where they are mainly sold through auctions of Flora Holland.

AQ Roses is certified by MPS A, MPS SQ, Fair Flowers Fair Plants, ETI and Fairtrade. Together with other growers in Ziway, the company invests in training and medical facilities like clinics and hospitals that are free of charge for its employees.