Solagrow PLC is a Dutch Holding company that was registered in Ethiopia in 2006 and started operations in Debre Zeit in 2007. Its name is a combination of the Latin word ‘solanum’ [a group of crops that the potato is part of] and ‘grow’. The company acts as a distributor of agricultural inputs to Ethiopian farmers, mainly smallholder farmers. Over 470 employees work on a total of eight farms set up with the objective of producing better seeds and better breeds of dairy cattle. The group consists of five private enterprises, led by Solagrow PLC (export) and Cropgrow PLC (local market) in 2012.

The central offices are located in Egdu, near Hidi, around 50km outside of the capital Addis Ababa. Solagrow’s vision is “To become the main partner in the agro (export)-sector of Ethiopia with respect to the commercial introduction, production and sales of improved breeds of dairy cattle and varieties of potato, vegetables and other food crops, combining Dutch quality and expertise with Ethiopian agricultural skills.” To improve crop production, Solagrow works closely with Adama University and Wageningen University in the Netherlands. More than hundred farmers use the company’s improved varieties increasing yields manifold.