The name Solagrow derives from the Latin term ‘solanum’, which refers to a group of crops that the potato is part of, as the company specialises in potato seeds, and the word ‘grow’.

500,000 The initial grant of €500,000 Solagrow received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Private Sector Investment (PSI, PSOM until 2007) programme. In 2014, PSI will be merged into the new Dutch Good Growth Fund.

Source: Solagrow

30 Number of new varieties Solagrow got approved by the Government of Ethiopia including vegetable, potato and linseed varieties. Only after varieties are approved and registered, they can be sold.

Source: Solagrow

2,200 new jobs in 33 companies in several developing countries were created under the Private Sector Investment (PSI) Programme in 2012. Around half of these jobs were filled by women. These investments led to another 12,500 indirect jobs and helped to improve the overall business climate. The increase in employment figures is a good indicator for success.

Source: Progress Report Development 2012 by Government of the Netherlands (Dutch)