UNICEF is a partner to the Government of Ethiopia delivering the technical support to the National Nutrition Program (NNP). The three sub-sections of the programme include Community-Based Nutrition (CBN), Micronutrient deficiency control and nutrition Information Systems at a decentralised level.

547m The total costs of the revised National Nutrition Program (NNP) in 2013-2015 are estimated at $547 million (ca. €400m). In comparison, the Netherlands spent €8.3 million on poverty and hunger in Ethiopia in 2012.

Source: NNP 2013/2015 and NLaid

500,000 children under-2 years of age are reached under the CBN programme including monthly screening and monitoring activities.

Source: UNICEF Ethiopia

1.5m UNICEF envisages that by the end of 2013 the CBN programme will have expanded to a total of 372 woredas covering an estimated 1,500,185 (80%) of children under 2 in the selected woredas.

Source: UNICEF Ethiopia