At district level, agricultural experts and development agents (DAs) can form so-called Common Interest Groups (CIG) mainly for women and youth that evolve around a specific topic like maize production, dairy processing or post harvest handling. Farmers, DAs and researchers together can also arrange meetings, which are known under the name of Farmers Research and Extension Groups (FREGs). They are run by model farmers and closely linked to the Farmer Training Centres (FTCs). 

304 Number of demonstration plots in all CASCAPE areas across Ethiopia.


2,834 farmers taking part in the thematic innovations by CASCAPE, ranging from crop improvement, livestock, nutrition and natural resource management.

Source: Netherlands Embassy - report 2012

240 female households actively seek advice from development agents and experts through the CASCAPE interventions. Female participation remains low; around 30% of these groups consist of women. CASCAPE aims to have specific interventions for women farmers.