CASCAPE stands for ‘Capacity building for scaling up of evidence-based best practices in agricultural production in Ethiopia’. Initiated by Ethiopia and the Netherlands, the project started in 2011 and is implemented in line with the Agricultural Growth Programme (AGP) of the Ethiopian government. Amhara region was selected as one of the intervention areas where the project operates in five woredas (district) including 221 targeted farmers. The Bureau of Agriculture (BoA) in Bahir Dar is the direct link between the CASCAPE project and the farmers.

Its work is based on the main three pillars of sustainable development of capacity building, scaling up and evidence-based practices. CASCAPE is providing the latter and the BoA is responsible for implementing these best practices on grassroots level. In doing so, the BoA first makes a selection of farmers on woreda and kebele (sub-district) level. The region has a total of 3,231 kebeles, each with around 700 - 1,000 households. They also help with the organisation of field days and training of farmers. So-called development agents (DAs) receive their education at one of the agricultural colleges in the region and CASCAPE’s innovator teams (ITs) provide further training for the project woredas. The DAs then pass on their knowledge to the farmers on the ground.